Your town is too small to put up with this BS.

Dear Abernathy,

Last week, someone shot a dog with an arrow from a crossbow. They also shot through an air conditioner, and apparently had at least one other shot that didn't hit anything. The person firing the arrows is obviously an a--hole. The indiscriminate targeting of life and property shows that this person does not value your community, and is of no value to your community.

My question is simple: Why have you not turned this person over to the police? Abernathy's total population is barely over 2,700 people. My experience with living in a bigger small town (Brownfield, Texas, population around 9,600) tells me that you can not fart inside city limits without everyone smelling it. My guess is, there's probably only a couple of crossbow owners in the whole town, and someone is protecting them.

Let's get this dirt bag put away. We know things about the psychology of people who hurt animals these days, and it's just a matter of time before this person hurts another living being. Step up as a town and show that you're not going to tolerate this nonsense.

Take the word to the streets, to your businesses, to your community meetings and even your churches. Let's get some justice for this defenseless dog AND protect the community from further harm.

- Wes Nessman, 94.5 FMX

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