Maybe this will get through to some people.

Dear Lubbock County Commissioners,

It's time to just bring everything to a dead stop and fix the mess at the Medical Examiners Office.  I'm aware that "steps have been taken", but steps have been taken before. Something has always been screwy in that office since the days of Ralph Erdman having salsa next to samples (as shown on the television show 60 Minutes). Think about it, this nonsense has been going on since 1991. That's 28 years! Nearly three decades.

Right now, around 172 families can't move forward with their lives because of the terrible way this office has been handled, and that's ON YOU. That's right if your employees screw up, then you're doing an awful job of managing them. The buck stops with you.

I'm fine with ALL country work ceasing until this ship is righted. Now, if you have any of the qualifications that you sell the voters around election time, maybe you can multitask and work on more than one thing at once, but so far I'm not seeing that ability.

It is incredibly embarrassing that we can't even bury our dead properly in Lubbock County. Put on your big kid pants and tackle this problem or we'll find someone who will.

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