In the past week I have been giving you guys a lot of useless information on jackals; unless of course you find yourself face down in the dirt in Africa being eaten by a wild animal, then thanks to me you can at least identify whether of not the animals are in fact jackals or not.

I know I've said this many times over the past week, but it is because I SERIOUSLY believe if you have never seen Jackyl live you are missing out on a truly great rock show! These guys bring it every time they play. They feed off of the energy of the crowd and the crowd feeds off of their energy making for a none stop good time for everyone!

I'm telling you if you don't have tickets yet spend the 20 bucks. You will not be disappointed! Yesterday I gave you a little trivia question about the name of the band Jesse's son Nigel was in; and the answer is, The Nigel Dupree Band. This kid is on the path of rock stardom that his father took and is headed for greatness as well.

Here is another bit of triva for you guys, did you know that Jackyl has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, not once but TWICE? These guys are the only band to play 100 shows in 50 days and the only band to ever play 21 shows in 24 hours.

The 21 shows were full shows too guys, 45 minute sets with full lights and sound for the daytime sets and the nighttime sets. Well the guys played the usual headline showtime of 90-120 minutes, think about the energy it takes for a single 90 minute set and these guys kept it up for 21 hours!

I'm telling you guys this show is going to be off the chain. New venue, my birthday and Jackyl... enough said

Check out this video of Jesse and Nigel on stage together and the hope to see you guys Saturday night!


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