Thirty-three-year-old Andrew Capen of Odessa, Texas spent more than eight months battling COVID-19 and was the recipient of a double lung transplant that saved his life. Capen has finally been released from the hospital and is well on his way back to normal life.

I've been following Capen's story since he was first diagnosed in July 2020. He's a Facebook friend of mine and a fellow West Texas comedian. I watched update after update on his Facebook by family members over the months, some of which didn't sound promising. He was very, very sick.

Many of Capen's organs were affected by the illness and he had to get well enough for the transplant to take place at all. There were moments when it seemed he may not be approved for the surgery and didn't have much more time to wait. The ECMO machine that breathed for him for so long had lead to the rapid deterioration of his lungs.

He was finally approved for the double lung transplant. After the surgery was successful in February, you could feel the collective sigh of relief from his family online. Capen's life seemed to hang in the balance for so long, and a tremendous weight was finally lifted.

A few weeks later, I was able to speak to Andrew on the phone at home. I was so excited I barely let him say anything. After he hung up, I just cried. A bunch. I was so relieved he was okay, and I know his family is absolutely overjoyed that he has made an amazing recovery.

The RockShow was lucky enough to get an interview with Capen on Monday, and I thought you might like to hear it. We definitely aren't the only people interested in talking to Andrew. He's been covered by news stations across the United States, and was even featured in an interview with Scott Simon on NPR. I would encourage everyone to listen to it below.

Part of Capen's therapy has been playing the harmonica. There's something about hearing him play it with his brand new lungs that I just can't describe. I will never forget it.

Capen has said many times that he is eternally grateful to his organ donor for his lungs and his new lease on life. He encourages everyone to consider becoming an organ donor.

Everyone at the station is so pleased you're doing well, Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Next time you're in Lubbock, you better stop by the studio for an FMX t-shirt and a hug.

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