I guess you've seen someone post a meme or the text that says, "Why would you destroy the economy over a virus that has a 97% survival rate?"

Okay since the people who post this kind of thing love questions, I have a few questions in return.

*Would you go into a club with a hundred people if you knew three would be murdered? 

*Would you eat a chicken sandwich if you knew three out of every hundred were poisoned? 

*Would you own a dog if someone told you "97% don't EAT their owners"? 

The problem with the thought of "only 97%" is that it doesn't take other factors into account. It doesn't consider the longterm lung damage many survivors have. It doesn't take into account that the elderly and special-needs folks are at high risk. It also doesn't take into account that dead people can't buy stuff.

These days will be over soon enough my friends. The little pain we are feeling now is nothing compared with the stuff our parents, grandparents and ancestors went through. Let's continue to buckle down for as long as health professionals tell us we need to and get that survival rate to near 100%

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