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Frank Mendez, AKA "Cholo 2" in the film Selena has sadly passed away.

If you've seen Selena, then you certainly remember the scene in which two guys stop to attempt to pull Selena's bus from a ditch. The pair immediately recognize her and are honored that their bumper gets pulled off in the process.

This iconic scene is perhaps the most quotable of a very beloved film, which catapulted the career of Jennifer Lopez as the titular character.

The actor's death was brought to attention by a former student, as Frank Mendez went on to be a middle school teacher. Proof that a little advocacy for someone you care about can go a long way:

As of the writing of this article, the GoFundMe is a little over 16,000 of the $20,000 goal. Most donations are small, around $5- $10. This is a beautiful example of how a little sure can go a long way when many people step up to pitch in.

I used to host films at Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse, and unfortunately for me, I never got to host Selena in spite of Alamo showing it at least twice a year. It was that popular and that competitive to host, because truly if you love music or film, you'll do anything for "Salinas."

You too can do anything for "Salinas" by helping out the family of an actor who helped make an iconic film even more memorable. You can donate at the official GoFundMe. 

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