I am confused and a little peeved that I have to deal with this.

I received two deliveries last Tuesday that I did not order. I am aware of what is called "Brushing Scams". These scams usually involve sending a household some small trinket in hopes of boosting that seller's reviews and hopefully moving them up the purchase chain.

What I received was actually a large box of paper towels and two quality lightning cords for I-phones The cords were 100% in an Amazon package, while the paper towels just had a shipping sticker stuck on the outside (not uncommon these days).

I quickly pulled up both my wife and I's Amazon accounts and there was no record of these items in our purchased items at all. I then pulled up my Amazon delivery notices and I wasn't notified of the deliveries (as original purchases are). I have also done my best to see if I was charged for these purchases, and although it's a confusing mess, I don't think I was charged for these things either.

All I could think to do was to reach out to some friends and family to see if they accidentally checked "gift" when they were ordering things for themselves and when that came up negative, I changed the passwords on my Amazon account.

So here I sit confused. I can put these items to use. If I paid for them I especially want to put them to use, but we both know if that happened, I probably overpaid for them. Then again, maybe you thought I needed to wipe my face and make a call.

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