I guess everybody forgot how to drive over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I ventured out about 8:30-9:00 on Monday morning to see two different traffic accidents being cleaned up on the Loop. As per usual with the slower traffic, I saw some fellas in big trucks bailing off the side of the Loop and driving across the grass onto the access roads. My immediate response was "What assh@les" then I thought a little deeper.

Why should I be mad these guys are bailing off a clogged up highway? It's not like they're running over scenic landscaping. They are thinning out the line of people waiting to get around the accident scenes. I'm sure the Lubbock Police Department might disagree, but in the end, what harm was done?

If they had been indiscriminately running across the grass and into traffic haphazardly that would be one thing, but these trucks were doing what I'd definitely call 'creepin'.  So maybe we shouldn't judge these folks too harshly, after all, if they bail out in front of you then you get to move up.

I know this isn't the most "citified" behavior and could lead to some truly unacceptable transgressions, but for the time being I'm over being mad about it. You big trucks have my sincerest apologies.  As long as you truck drivers are spreading the traffic jam out to the access roads, then I'm going to look the other way (even though L.P.D. might not). I certainly don't know if you deserve a medal for your heroism but you probably don't deserve the cussin' a lot of people direct at you.


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