I'm dusting off an old ordinance so you don't get into trouble.

We've all seen our neighborhoods jammed on game day. Sometimes it's for a neighbors barbeque (why didn't they invite me?). Sometimes it's delivery drivers popping in to make a drop-off. When situations like this arise, I guaranty that someone is breaking this 2017 parking ordinance.

The ordinance is simple, you must be three feet away from any public or private driveway. No, you can not eek up on a driveway so someone can park behind you. Now that I've stated what the rule is, how many times did you see someone break the law this week?

This ordinance really isn't something the police go out and look for. It's more a tool in their toolbox to help decide complaints.  Yes, they can issue you a very real ticket for it, but chances are someone will just ask you to move your car.

With the holidays here, it might be wise to go ahead and give your neighbors that space. You have to remember that things like this are brought up for a reason. Not giving someone in a driveway proper clearance could cause some fender benders with the parked cars or even provide a visual obstruction of cars coming down the street.

While we're at it, here's some other knowledge you should have about parking. You have to be fifteen feet away from a fire hydrant, twenty feet away from a crosswalk, and fifty feet away from a railroad crossing.

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