Metallica TV just released a video of The Memory Remains from The Dallas Show. Seeing as we have so many friends that went to the show, we thought you might enjoy this concert memory. I also gathered up the San Antonio and Houston videos just in case.

The guys are throwing down at AT&T Stadium. There are tons and tons of crowd shots so if you went to the show you just might be in one of them. This is a really high-quality video; you can actually see the hairs on Jame's neck standing up (yeah, that's a weird thing to notice for sure).

The band also issued these cool thank you to fans;

In related news, Fifth club members can buy the tour poster online now. There is a limit of one, but it's a very cool collectable.

For those of you who went to San Antonio, check this out:

For those who went to the Houston show, here's something for you:

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