The United States Air Force announced on Wednesday that Dyess Air Force Base would be the only base in the nation to house both the operation test squadron and the weapons training school for the nation's newest stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider.

According to a press release from Congressman Jodey Arrington, the announcement means job and security for Abilene and Dyess Air Force Base.

“Having already secured the next generation bomber, the B-21 Raider, today the Air Force announced that Dyess Air Force Base will be the only base in the country to house the operational test squadron and the weapons training school for the B-21 bomber. In addition, Dyess will continue to serve as the sole training base for all B-1 pilots, as it has for decades,”said Arrington.  


“This selection by the United States Air Force is a testament to the quality of the airmen at Dyess and the unparalleled, award-winning support of the Abilene community.


“This decision not only secures the future of Dyess as a bomber base in the 21st Century, but it will also bring hundreds of new jobs and families to the Key City. Most importantly, it ensures the U.S. Air Force maintains air dominance into the future.

No group of Americans believe more adamantly in the defense of this country and the mission of our military to keep us safe, strong and free than the people of West Texas.


Congratulations to Colonel Parker and our beloved airmen for always ‘aiming high’ and serving with honor and excellence. And, congratulations to Abilene for being our nation’s most supportive community to our airmen and their families.”

The B-21 Raider is the next generation bomber for the United States Air Force that was previously known as the LRS-B (Long Range Strike Bomber).

According to the USAF the B-21 will enter into service in the 2020s.

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