jodey arrington

Arrington Slams Infrastructure Bill, Discusses Border Crisis
Congressman Jody Arrington joined The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday evening to discuss a variety of different topics. One of the major topics discussed was the Senate passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package.
In the Senate, 19 Republicans voted with the Democrats on the legislation...
Congressman Jodey Arrington Denounces Violence at U.S. Capitol
On Wednesday afternoon protesters breached the U.S. Capitol while Congress was going through the process of confirming the results of the 2020 Presidential election.
Several Congressmen had announced prior to the violence at the Capitol that they would object to the confirmation of Joe Biden as the w…
David Nelson Killed in Accident
The Lubbock legal and political communities are mourning the loss of David Nelson. Nelson was killed Wednesday morning (July 18) while bicycling in south Lubbock County.
TTU Scholarship
New scholarship awarded in honor of Texas Tech student, Braden Joplin, who was killed in an accident during the 2016 presidential campaign
Praise for Trump
Texas Governor Greg Abbott led the charge of Texas elected officials praising Donald Trump after his win over Hillary Clinton

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