I just stumbled across something they do in Austin called, "Amplify Austin", and it's amazing.

Eldad Carin

Amplify Austin is a 24 hour period where people raise money for local non-profit organizations. There doesn't seem to be any judgments or core organizations, it's just a theme of "I live here, I give here".  The focus really is on a bunch of small donations, with a large portion of the town chipping in. Last year it's estimated that 9.8 million dollars was donated.  Can you even imagine all of the charities that could step up with that one day of giving? The best part about it is that it involves the whole town and brings people together.

Could Lubbock adopt something like this in the future? Could, "Live. Love.Lubbock" someday be more than a cheesy tagline? Imagine if we did something as broad as this, or even one day dedicated to finding animals homes, and/or helping to control the pet population. It doesn't really matter if you go with the unfocused or focused approach if you solve one problem it allows more resources for other problems.

So how about it? Are you down with maybe throwing in your penny jar to make Lubbock a better place to live? Think about it.

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