An early morning fire on Wednesday kept Lubbock's only Jason's Deli location from opening, and according to a representative, it will be several weeks before the restaurant will be reopen due to the extensive amount of fire damage.

Normally, a fire at a local restaurant wouldn't fluff my feathers, but in this case things are quite different.

First, let me start by admitting that Jason's Deli is one of the top three on my local "go-to eatery" list. Second, let me re-emphasize the first point by stating that the reason why I was informed of the longer-than-anticipated closure is because I'm apparently on the Lubbock Jason's Deli top 100 customers list. Lastly, did I mention that I'm somewhat of a freak about Jason's Deli? The food is always consistently good, but even more so the customer service. It's a rare thing to find a national corporate chain that makes a personal phone call to let you know when they will be temporarily closed for any reason.

But I digress...

No, actually I don't. Let's linger on that point for a moment.

Being recognized as a top fan for a local restaurant is kind of a big deal in my book because I'm almost as passionate about food as I am about the weather. And it's an even bigger deal because it's a national franchise chain.

That brings me to my next point: Why in the heck do we not have another Jason's Deli in Lubbock?!

It seems to me that with the size of our marvelous metropolis that we would at least have a second Jason's Deli somewhere on the west side of Lubbock in the new shopping centers that are popping up. I mentioned this to the representative, who was kind enough to give me the tragic, but much appreciated news of the delayed reopening.

She agreed that a second Jason's Deli location in Lubbock would be a great service to those of us who simply cannot live without the seasonal offering of Maine Lobster Chowder or the ever amazing California Club sandwich and side of fresh fruit. Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. Knowing it will be up to six weeks before I get that yummy goodness back into my face hole is almost enough to make it rain!

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