Meet BelleBane, her hobby is sarcasm and her favorite position is something called ‘The Flying Pterodactyl.’

Name: BelleBane

Age: 24

Location: Illinois

Occupation: Time traveler.

Current Crush: Ryan Gosling

Stats: Tiny-ish

Body Mods: Tatuajes

Gets Me Hot: Lip piercings

Favorite Position: The flying pterodactyl.

Fantasy: Life

Sign: Leo

Most Humbling Moment: Losing faith.

I Am Looking For: Whoever comes along.

My Kink Factor: I’ll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

My Politics: SMASH THE STATE!!!

My Status: Single

My Idea Of A Good Time: Stay in and watch old movies on tv.

I Want: Romance, Booty, Friendship, Online Flirting

Makes Me Happy: Blueberry Muffins.

Makes Me Sad: Rain

Hobbies: Sarcasm

5 Things I Can’t Live Without: Eyeliner, fresh ink, movies, pizza, & human contact.

I Spend Most of My Free Time: Watching movies

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