Blue Bell Ice Cream has just launched what may be the flavor of the summer.

Blue Bell
Blue Bell

The First Volley

It was fairly recently that Blue Bell dropped A & W Rootbeer Float. That alone should be enough for Blue Bell to absolutely own the summer, but the mad scientists/culinary specialists in Brenham had other ideas. They have your summer all planned out.

The Launch

While everyone out here is playing checkers, Blue Bell Ice Cream is playing 3D Chess.  Yes, all of those brands that are not from Texas are serving up Cookies and Cream in the most basic "tastes like ground up generic Oreos" kind of way. Blue Bell does not do business like that! They elevate every single thing that they do.

The Bomb!

So here it is, Blue Bell Cookies 'n Cream Cheesecake! The Blue Bell site describes the flavor this way:

A rich cheesecake ice cream blended with chocolate cookie crusted cheesecake pieces and chocolate crème-filled cookies.-Blue Bell

Holy monkeys! It wasn't enough to just mix the cheesecake flavor with the cookie bits, they're using "chocolate cookie crusted cheesecake pieces"! That is the extra that Blue Bell puts in it's flavors that Texans are all in for.

Get It Now!

You can find this new flavor making it's way into stores today and on through the weekend. As see above, it has a bright blue look to the cartoon so it should be really easy to spot...that is if it doesn't sell out too quickly.  The new flavor will be available in both those "honest 1/2 gallons" and pints.


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