I'm not usually jealous of folks who live in Dallas. While Dallas does have amazing art museums, shopping and a fantastic aquarium, it's also a traffic nightmare and the weather is almost guaranteed to give you major swamp-butt.

However, today I do find myself covetous of our fellow Texans because they get the Boozy Cauldron Pop-Up Tavern and I really, really want to experience that. Or hell, any pop-up bar or shopping experience would be pretty novel here. I'm not sure why they don't happen in Lubbock. Pop-ups are inexpensive to start, are super customizable and, let's face it, there's plenty of dead retail space to rent short-term.

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Back to the Boozy. This event sounds like it was curated especially for me:

The Boozy Cauldron Tavern is popping up in Dallas for a 4-part Cocktail Experience and show led by Professor Dolohov Draven, current professor of the Dark Arts, and his two top students. You will be taken on a magical journey where you can imbibe on the four delicious signature cocktails (including the tavern’s famous buttered beer) and hear and feel the stories surrounding the famous tavern and the ghosts that still haunt the establishment!

So what would Lubbock need to make this happen? A haunted building. That's easy, any old hotel lobby would do, people die in hotels all the time. Sorry if that was news to you. And there are other haunted spots in Lubbock as well.

So once that's secured, you just need a "professor" to make it entertaining and a couple of bartenders to make the drinks. And appropriate permits. But really, anyone with a little capital and some hard work could make this happen.

So...make it happen! I'm ready to quaff the elixirs.

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