LGBTQ+ supporters across the globe are collectively groaning over a story that has gone viral and, once again, makes Lubbock look like a bunch of back-country ignorant bigots.

An unnamed woman looking to hire a makeup artist for her wedding was given a recommendation from a friend who used Kristian Cardenas of Lubbock to do hair and makeup for her wedding. The bride-to-be contacted Cardenas, and things were going nice enough until the bride, who professes to be a woman of faith, took things way too far and showed how completely disgusting some of my fellow Christians act when they forget that it is not our place to judge one another.

Cardenas took to social media to share her experience and screenshots of the messages writing:

Openly sharing who i am with the world is my choice; a choice i will never apologize for. I love what i do and who i am. today i was taken back a little bit, and i doubted if i wanted to continue doing hair and makeup; if this is response i am going to get for being who i am. homophobia is real, and with it being pride month i feel like the comments get worse. i’m sharing this today to say, please be kind to everyone. if someone doesn’t have the same views as you, opinions, or whatever it may be just respect them. don’t hate them for being different.

- i blocked her number, name and friends name out. i don’t want anyone to be hateful to her even though she was to me. nothing positive will come from that. my post is to simply educate anyone who thinks this isn’t a real issue.

You can see screenshots of the exchange below.

Kristian Cardenas Screenshots

The support shown to the Lubbock hair and makeup artist in the days following her original post has been tremendous. Hopefully, it will outweigh the voices of those who use their religious beliefs to judge others and make people feel less than human simply because they have a different set of beliefs.

Cardenas has since taken to social media to make it clear that she shared the messages so that others can understand what it can be like when you are considered "different" by your own community.

I love how strong Cardenas stands on her convictions to be a good human, even in the face of such blatant hatred. Instead of looking like an angel at her wedding, this pretty prejudice princess and Bridezilla of the Year will likely be shrouded in ugliness and negativity, since that is truly what is in her heart and it shows.

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