During day three of the 2014 'Blood Driver' we had a chance to talk to a sweet little angel who benefits from your generous blood donations. Click through and meet Brynne

When we do our biannual blood drives, we tell you all of the benefits that many enjoy from your good deeds. On Wednesday, it was our privilege to meet a 5 year old 'ray of sunshine' who has been diagnosed with Trichohepatoenteric Syndrome or THES.

Here's Brynne's story

We need you to take a small part out of your day this week and donate the gift of life. When you stop by, we'll pass along the limited edition 2014 Blood Driver t-shirt and get you registered for tickets to the Spring Breakdown, Tantric, Monster X, Led Zepplin 2, a digital media receiver from MGM Electronics, $100 gift certificate for a tattoo from Tony at Flamingo Ink and the metal sculpture from local artist Lynn Day.

Come out after 5 p.m. today and we'll pass along free pizza from Pizza Hut.

Be a hero, and come out and donate blood at the 9th annual Blood Driver

You never know when it could be you or someone you love that needs it.

2014 Blood Driver at United Blood Services

48th and University (Lubbock, TX)

Thursday 12-7

Friday 9-4

Saturday 9-2