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Before we even start, can you give me just a moment to soak up and really enjoy the name Bucket of Love? I'm not even sure why I find it so delightful, but I do. Maybe it's because "bucket" is such a funny word to begin with.

Lubbock loves our fried chicken. Pretty much anywhere you go there are ample cars rolled up to Chicken Express, Raising Cane's, Slim Chickens, Dimba's, etc. I think another fried chicken restaurant, especially one that appears to offer bone-in chicken, will do just fine around these parts.

After a cursory Google search, I was unable to find any other location of Bucket of Love, except for a floral shop named Buckets of Love in Slovenia, so I'm willing to bet this is a local concept.

Bucket of Love will be opening in the former location of Royal Seafood Shack, 6012 82nd Street, Suite E. (Royal Seafood Shack is now located at 7604 Milwaukee Ave.)

Here are a few other details, courtesy of the eagle-eyed Lubbock in the Loop:

Opening: July, tentatively
Similar concept to Babe’s Chicken in Dallas area. Meats ordered per person and vegetables served family style. The location has been doubled in size by acquiring the next door location and remodeled. Same owner as Lee’s Cafe and Royal Seafood Shack.

Same owner as Lee's Cafe?! Okay, now I'm certain this place will be amazing. Lee's is absolutely incredible soul food with a chicken-fried chicken that causes my soul to leave my body and gain secrets of the universe. I'm only barely being hyperbolic; it really is that good.

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