We came across a Facebook video posted by Ashley Espinoza of some guests at Buffalo Springs Lake apparently caught trying to sneak in extra visitors in the trunk of their car to avoid paying an entry fee.

It's only $10 to get into Buffalo Springs Lake. When you don't have $10 and you're young and dumb, hiding in the trunk to sneak in might sound like a great idea. Unfortunately, that lake has been around for a long time, and they know the drill.

I find this video even more hilarious because I was once a teenager in Lubbock and my friends and I definitely got away with this same stupid thing at the drive-in theater.

I'm sorry, Stars & Stripes. I probably owe you a couple of tickets.

Now that I've admitted to doing the same dumb thing, just know that if you don't hear me on-air in the morning, I'm probably sitting in jail, where Bart Reagor should be. I wonder who's in more trouble with their parents. These kids, or Bart?

But I digress.

This is a big-time no-no, and I imagine the video will inspire some of the sneaky teenagers out there to quit their crap before they end up in trouble. Buffalo Springs Lake doesn't mess around. I lied about having a fishing license once and they busted me pulling up a catfish and slapped me with a ticket. They're watching, even if you think you're slick.

So don't get caught hiding in the trunk of a car. You never know who has a camera or if Chrissy will come across your video and share it with the masses.


P.S.: I'm REALLY am sorry for doing the same thing about 17 years ago. It won't happen again, likely because I'm old and not as flexible as I used to be... *cough* I mean, because it's illegal.

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