The world that we live in there are all kinds of ways to show off whatever skill it is that you have. But when the cheese is on the table and you keep your composure, can you finish?

Are you good at video games, darts, pool, pitching washers, the list goes on and on. Last night I went to a bro's house to throw darts (there is a gnarly rotation of bro's house that we make our rounds to throw.) After I had left, I still had a few games left in me, so I made my way to throw by myself at a local bar that has some pretty good boards.

I noticed that there were some younger dudes at one of the boards. I wasn't going to interrupt what they had going on, so I turned around and one of them yelled to come back and throw.

Now, I learned a long time ago from a good friend that if you're throwing darts, you just don't walk into a bar carrying your darts for everyone to see. It draws attention and you can scare off people that you normally wouldn't play with you.

I had my darts in my back pocket, so I moved them to my hoodie pocket as I wanted to feel my competition out. I wanted to see if they were just goofing around or if they could throw a bit.

The dudes that were throwing were younger dudes -- probably around 21-23 years old -- and they were apparently throwing the house darts. (House darts are what the bar provides to patrons to throw around and they are usually plastic with no weight to them or anything like that. They are just cheap, throwaway darts.)

They asked if I wanted to play because they need a 4th man to add on so they could play doubles. I said, 'sure, why not, I'll throw with y'all.'

Now the way that I have started a game of doubles is all players get one dart and the closest to the bull and the furthest away are teams. But they wanted to do the closest to the bulls and they wanted to throw first. I don't believe they were trying to hustle in the least bit; they were just excited to get to throw.

The two bros that looked like they had some idea of how to throw wanted to be partners and they wanted me paired up with the dude that really didn't want to throw.

When we set up to throw for teams, of course the two chuckleheads threw first and they came within an inch of the bull's eye. I stepped up and threw my dart, hitting the 20 up top, while the fourth dude threw and wasn't any closer than myself.

There are several ways to throw a game of darts, and I asked the boys what they wanted to throw. They asked what I wanted to play, and I said, 'Well, the way I play is that you throw for teams and then you throw to see who picks the game.' They said OK.

Then, I asked after looking at some of the darts that had been laying around if it was cool if I used any darts I wanted. It's just good form to asked if you can switch darts. They said sure. So, I walked over to my hoodie, took out my set of darts, stepped up and popped a single bull's eye. That's pretty much how the rest of the night went.

We all had fun, even the dude that really didn't want to be there at the beginning was having fun I took the time to show them some games that I play with my bros and told them what little I know about darts and where to get a set of their because they weren't using mine!

The lesson here: Watch out for any kind of hustle. If you are asked to play someone, make sure you ask them all kinds of questions, what they will be using, the rules and so on -- especially before putting any money on the game.

These guys got off easy: they just had to buy me a few beers for the whippings they got.

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