We've got another Top 94 for you this New Years Eve.  We're also keeping in mind that you have people to do and things to scratch so we're running it a bit early for ya.  More after the jump.

Our friend at Family Powersports and Pinocchio's Pizza bring you the Top 94 of 2012. We'll be running the best of the best beginning at 2:00 p.m. and finishing up somewhere around 9:00 p.m.  So, we've got the perfect background while you get the house ready to party or the barbeque hot and smokin'.

Also, remember that Pinocchio's can hook you up with the perfect finger food for your New Years Even Party.  Get a MASSIVE one topping Pinocchio's Monster Pizza for $22.99 or just load up on one topping larges for $6.99.

So what will be number one?  Do you have a guess as to who will be the band or song of the year?  It was pretty clear to us around here.  When we started looking back at the songs played and how much they stuck around, we went, 'oh yeah, right'.  Anyways, the entire Top 94 is very, very solid this year.  Join us for the fun and here's wishing you a safe and happy new year from our friends at Family Powersports!


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