I've got the ultimate New Years Resolution. It's not hard to promise to be better. It's not hard to make an impression.  It's good for the world.  Find out more after the jump.


Yes, you've heard this from me before, but it's worth repeating.  You can take most of the ten commandments and practically all the philosophy out there and roll it into the "Golden Rule-Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them do Unto You".  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife?  You wouldn't want someone coveting your wife would you?  Thou shalt not steal?  You wouldn't want anyone to steal from you would you?

So, I take the basic premise of the "Golden Rule" and I challenge you to do ONE better with "Be Awesome To Everyone".  That is, treat them better than you would expect to be treated.  It's easy, it's simple, it's a bit cheesy and at times it's not even doable, but it's a good goal.

Right now there are lot of advocates for "26 acts of kindness" in honor of the Sandy Hook Victims.  Heck, that's really nice, but that only averages out to a little more than two nice things a month.  I think you can do better.  I think you can probably do more than that in one month.  You can do on really nice thing every day. It doesn't take anything.  Sure, you might want to pay for an old ladies milk, then again just trying to cheer up a down friend is good too and it doesn't cost you anything.  Go ahead and help a friend move. It sucks, but it's what friends do.  Thank the fast food workers who serve you and even the cooks in the kitchen. Give an extra buck in one of your tips.  Maybe the best thing you can do is not suck as a person yourself. Put on a smile even  if you're having a crap day, who knows maybe you'll infect someone with your smile and/or forget about why you were pissed in the first place.  Be awesome to everyone. It's a challenge for 2013.  Have a Happy New Year and be careful out there.

And just to make sure your New Year is awesome, here's the Red Hot Chili PIPERS live;

And here's the studio version we'll have for you at midnight on New Years Eve right here on FMX.

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