Do you like old school wrestling? This is really old school.

Until I was about 14 I lived across the street from a former wrestler named Pepe Pasquale. He wrestled under many names, including his own and even spent some time as "The Masked Marvel" (apparently a lot of wrestlers did that).

Pepe was a like a second dad to the kids in the neighborhood. He'd load us all up in the back of his baby blue vintage Chevy truck and take us to the beach. We'd run around like maniacs while he ran the beach. He taught us how to play with knives (hey, back then you found your fun where you found your fun) and most importantly taught a few of us how to lift weights and not get our asses kicked).

This video is a new transfer from an old film and one of the very few pieces of West Coast Wrestling history. The guy Pepe is wrestling in the film is 6'7" and a really big fella. True wrestling fans will tell you that Pepe makes this beast look good. I can't thank enough for publishing this.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and allowing me to honor a neighbor and a truly great man, the legendary Pepe Pasquale!

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