The RockShow asked listeners to tell us about a time they hurt themselves in a dumb way. I slept wrong a few months ago and my elbow was absolutely killing me for weeks. I guess it's all just part of getting old, and it totally blows.

Here's a list of other stupid ways that people have hurt themselves:

"I grabbed the car cigarette lighter when I was about 9. I had never seen one and saw it was a cool color so I decided to put it on my hand!! I had a perfect circle burn/scar forever!!" - Claire Johnson

"I sneezed so hard once that I threw my back out." - Wes Wicker

"I fell over a chihuahua going up the stairs and dislocated my wrist and fractured 3 spots in my thumb." - Sara Starr

"I was roughhousing/wrestling during a rehearsal for some dumb reason and accidentally/freakishly got compound fractures on the tips of my index and middle fingers. Bones ripped out the back of my nail beds! Pretty not fun." - Jeremiah T.S. Liend

"I was spending the night at my bestie's house and we were kicking a basketball back and forth in the hallway. My genius child brain suddenly thinks to itself "Hey, if a dumbass circus elephant can stand on a ball, surely I can!" I could not, it turns out, and that's the story of how I broke my wrist." - Michael Mayfield

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"Fell 3 stories off of a homemade zip line." - Zachary Jenkins

"I ran over my toe with the vacuum and it was messed up for like 3 months before it finally healed." - Cassadie Doyal

"In college, I dislocated my shoulder trying to put a sports bra on." - Bethany Wilson

"I once bit my own hand in my sleep because I had a dream I was eating a cheeseburger." - A.J. Burkett

"I dry swallowed an Aleve pill one night when I was 15, and it burned a hole in my esophagus. The scar tissue still gets inflamed when I get sick 20+ years later." - Evan Bandy

"Blew my knee out on a stripper pole on a party bus for a company Christmas party!" - Chris Jenkins

"When I was young, must have been 12 or so, a storm blew down our fence and I was curious as to whether or not a rusty nail could penetrate the flip flop I was wearing. My folks were piiiiissed, and I haven’t owned a pair since." - Cam St. Roth

"I tried stripping some cable with a divers knife, almost cut my whole finger off. Luckily, just severed the artery." - Wade Thomspon

"I got clotheslined by a clothesline and fell back so hard I flew back on top of my leg. My Foot was on the back of my head. Just tore ligaments." - Darian Bellenger

"A long time ago when my son was still able to sit in a grocery cart. I thought it would be cool to stand on it while it went down the aisle. The cart came down on me. My poor son, he was okay though. I think this is the reason for my back pain." - Rachel Rivera

Thanks for telling us your stories, guys. They made us feel better about our own bad luck.


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