I stumbled across this little gem on Facebook yesterday and it cracked me up. At first, I thought it must be fake, but upon further investigation, I realized that it is in fact, a real advertisement from Mattress By Appointment Lubbock.

Check it out below. It just might inspire you to get yourself a new bed!

"...quit trying to make new memories in the same place you made old memories..." Bahahahahahahahah! That killed me.

I've got to admit, I dated a guy once that cheated on me. When I found out, the only way I would step foot inside his house again was if he replaced his bed. I know, it's petty. Do you know what's worse? He replaced his bed and all of his furniture, and afterward, I still refused to take him back.

That's what you get! *evil laugh*

Anyway, this mattress store made a pretty good point. Sleeping on a bed that you know someone else has slept on with your boyfriend or husband is kind of weird. Maybe it's time for you to replace that bed after all. Or, if you need a better reason to get your boyfriend or girlfriend to replace your old rickety mattress, then here you go! Throw this advertisement in their face. It might work. Who knows?

All I know is that people in town really seem to be getting a kick out of the point they made. I wonder how many mattresses they have sold because of this ad? My boyfriend just might be their next customer...

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