Fat Tuesday has arrived which means we are that much closer to Ash Wednesday and then Easter. With Easter comes the traditional feast on Easter Sunday followed by the egg hunt, which might have to be a hunt for painted rocks due to the price of eggs. Along with the Easter meal and egg hunt comes a time honored tradition, Peeps!

That's right the marshmallows that everyone loves as a kid but feels in their cavities as an adult is back and this year in a different form. The Pepsi Company has taken it upon themselves to infuse the taste of Peeps into their soda and as an adventurous foodie I just had to take it upon myself to try it. I obviously had to recruit two of my many favorite co-workers to join in on the adventure and record our reactions. That reaction can be found at the end of this article.

I did take some time to process the drink after and must say, without spoilers, it would mix very well with some Fireball Whiskey or Root Beer flavored vodka. It has a certain taste to it that I honestly liked in the end but would need to mix with more adult flavors. Pepsi is currently holding a contest to win a Spring Break trip, hence the Peeps and Spring theme, and its easy to do online.

Along with being part of their Spring Break campaign this new flavor happens to fall during the Lent season when Peeps chicks and bunny shaped marshmallows are popular. If you have never had a Peep I suggest you try it twice, first right out of the box and then roasted over an open flame. If you want to find Pepsi Peeps just use their product locator app to find it locally because it is only here for a limited time, try it and let us know what you think in the comments.

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