You've heard the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Now that I've seen this post on the LBK Foodies page, I may never need a doctor again. However, a dentist is surely in my future.


Screenshot-Brandy DeLeon-LBK Foodies Facebook Group
Brandy DeLeon via LBK Foodies Facebook Group

Brandy DeLeon posted this on Saturday.

This elderly man sells candy apples on corner of 50th and University
I don't know his story except to know that no-one would be selling candy apples routinely in 100 degree weather if they didn't need to ...
We have bought before, $3 an apple, my baby says they're good.
Please consider going by and buying an apple.
***Someone said he left. I think he leaves when he can no longer take heat. Please just remember he is out there routinely during week, and try to stop by if you can. ***

In the picture, the apple seller certainly doesn't look elderly per se, but being out in 100-degree heat selling candy apples can't be the most enjoyable way to spend the day at any age. However, in this day and age when people are doing all sorts of things to make a dollar, I'd seriously consider stopping by 50th and University if your kids (or kids at heart) are craving a sweet treat.

Facebook is full of kitchen connoisseurs who cook up and sell all sorts of delights, from tamales to brisket, and the LBK Foodies group does a great job of finding these local diamonds in the rough.

Someone should try and keep tabs on our mystery apple seller and update social media on when he's out there so that it's worth it for him to be in the heat selling his candy-coated wares.

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