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Disclaimer: if a bar didn't make my list, it's possible I just haven't been there yet. Remember: I just recently moved back to Lubbock and we're still in the middle of a pandemic with a lot of bars closed, so cut me some slack, man.

If you know me personally, you know I like a good night out at the bar. The pandemic has all but crushed my vibes. I can’t wait to freely run up and hug all of my favorite buddies without a mask.

Here are my current top five favorite bars in Lubbock, and where you can likely find me when I’m not jabbering on the morning show or writing up articles.

  1. Skooner's

Y’all, I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again for anyone in the back that didn’t hear me. Skooner's is the best bar in Lubbock. I love having a few shots, heading to the pool tables, and running my mouth to a random person about how I’m a pool shark until I inevitably get my a** kicked. I love the drink specials. I even love the random messages written on the bathroom walls. The staff is friendly and fun, and they usually have different nights during the week with karaoke or trivia, both of which I adore. I LOVE YOU, SKOONERS.

  1. Savage Tavern

If you haven’t checked out Savage Tavern, it's one of the coolest looking bars in town, even more so now after the new renovations. I love the covered patio out back, and I usually hang out back there, chain smoke (sorry, mom!) and play cornhole.

General manager and personal friend Tim Abascal is always getting cool new beers to try and doesn't know a stranger. Oh, did I mention he is hilarious and knows EVERYTHING about fancy booze? He is, and he does.

  1. Chips Sports Bar

I started going to Chips when I was cooking for a local restaurant a few years ago. It's a great hangout spot for people in the service industry, as it’s nice and close to the long strip of restaurants on Slide Road. They have tons of pool tables, a great wait staff, and super yummy corndog bites that really hit the spot.

  1. Lone Star Oyster Bar

Lone Star Oyster Bar on 34th Street is just up the street from my old house and I used to go there nearly every day after work before I went home. When you walk in the door, everyone waves and says hello, which totally gives it the Cheers vibe. I like going up to the top of the Crow’s Nest on the patio and watching the sun go down with my friends.

  1. Adolph's

I love karaoke. I know, I know…lame. DON'T JUDGE ME. Adolph's is special because they have karaoke all the time. Sometimes you go somewhere to sing karaoke, and other bar patrons look annoyed that they unknowingly came on karaoke night.  Not at Adolph's. Over there, you look silly if you don't sing. Love it.

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