Allow your friend in the radio business to fix the world one more time.

Social distancing, even more than masks, is the key to keeping COVID rates down. Right now LISD is reporting about 75% enrollment for in-person classes. That number will probably not allow proper spacing since these kids were already a couple of feet apart. Now, what if we could get rid of another 10-25%? Every little bit helps, as they say.

So who has plenty of seating and an area for someone to address a group? Who probably has a p.a. to be properly heard? Who probably even has a video screen and lots of bathrooms?  Who has wi-fi already installed? What situation would allow for kids the space to be sociable but safe? Who is almost 100% vacant and available between the hours of 8a-4p weekdays? Any guesses? Bueller? Bueller?

One church person or concerned parent could safely help instruct a group of 25 in a 100 seat church but wait, a lot of them around here are probably closer to 300 or more, meaning they could potentially take 75, 100 or more students out of the system and make everything a little safer for everyone else.

How about this? How about some of you who push for church/god in schools, push for schools in church? Would that be too much to ask for you, instead of the people who would rather not have it, to bear the responsibility?

I'm sure some churches will claim that they aren't set up to accommodate this type of thing, but neither were you when you had to homeschool your child.

I think everyone wins with the scenario of school in a church. In fact, once I thought about it my first question was, "why is this not already a thing?" You tithe to a church, you support a church, why shouldn't that church step up and help in this time of great need?


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