The problem with politicians is they become politicians.

There seems to be a point in a political life where a person stays in politics just to stay in politics. They also become ingrained into the system and start doing all the things that politicians do, like backroom deals, land speculation, and worst of all, forgetting the word "representative" in their work.

There there are those who just hang around for no apparent reason. This is a problem because, unlike some of our jobs, what a politician does -- or does not -- do can echo for generations.

I read about a local councilperson seeking a third term, and I have very little reason to believe this person isn't doing an okay job. But please, it's been eight years; just go away. Eight years is enough for a public servant in one position. It's time for this person to either move up, over, or out. Quit taking up space just because the seat is warm.

Let's also remember that the eight years served puts this person as part of the LP&L nonsense (which, admittedly, never really stops), the Citizen's Tower fiasco, signing the Coliseum & Auditorium over to Texas Tech, and being a part of the "renovate downtown so certain people can bank" movement.

Maybe you're even a fan of these things, but don't you think it's time for some fresh eyes to look them over?

Cities need innovation, excitement, and input to remain vibrant and growing. If a councilperson can't reinvent themselves to the point where they can bring these things to the table, then it's time to say, 'thank you for your service' and bring someone new to the table.

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