The City of Lubbock is looking for resident artists to paint directly on storm drains. Applications are due March 4th, and are available at the City of Lubbock website.

Here's a short video explaining the mission of this project:

In Lubbock County, as in most communities across the country, storm drains channel runoff directly to our rivers, lakes and ponds. An ongoing and hazardous misconception is that storm drains are “sewers” that lead to a wastewater treatment plant. Thus, people misuse storm drains as a way to dispose of waste such as soapy water, oil, paint, trash, and other contaminants, which end up polluting our waterways. The Storm Drain Art Project is designed as a public education effort to inform the community of the connection the storm drains have with our waterways.

A total of six artists will paint their murals live during April's First Friday Art Trail (4/5/2019).



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