Eight inches is the magic number. If you have more than that, you could be in trouble.

Lubbock Code Enforcement is looking for offenders with weeds taller than eight inches with a concentrated effort this Tuesday. If you get a notice you'll have seven days to take care of the problem  It could cost you $150 if the city has to mow your business down.

What's crazy about all of this is that if you don't pay the fine, they'll place a lien on your property. I actually had this happen to me. I never got (or paid attention) to a fine I got for weeds and when I went to sell my house, I had to clear this nonsense up.

In the press release, the city also gave a number to report overgrown areas. That's okay. While we believe you should keep your business in order and maintain a safe (that stuff could catch fire) and nice yard as a good neighbor, I also believe that snitches get stitches.

Clean your business up by tomorrow or you may get a ticket.


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