Thursday nights at BarPM have become incredibly popular among locals looking for a few laughs and have been so successful that some nights the show is standing-room-only. Last week was one of those nights and local comedians are betting that it will continue to grow. They have created a monster and they are not sorry.

Comedian Dereck Lamon

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Comedy Night, it's a free night of hilarity that happens every single week, right off tech campus. The crowd is packed with everyone from students to retirees and the show is a damn hoot. The majority of performers have been doing local stand-up for years and are quite polished. There is also always the opportunity to hop on stage and try out some of your own jokes if you arrive in time to get your name on the limited signup sheet.

Corey Evans

Comedy Night recently added a featured performer to each Thursday open mic night, meaning that after you see a bunch of comedians perform 5-minute sets, you'll get to hear a bit more from the featured performer at the end, who will have 10 or 15 minutes to shine.

Corey Evans

Don't be shy and head over to check out just how talented this bunch of funny people are. Not only will you have a fantastic time, but the host usually gives out free shots to audience members. The show is from 8 until 10 pm but come around 7:30 if you are feeling brave enough to tell some jokes and want to put your name on the bill.

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