I really think the reactions at the Robert Plant show are worth mentioning.

It was interesting to me that both Lucinda Williams and Robert Plant talked about the Auditorium being torn down. Both spoke in various degrees about the "good vibe" of the room and how it was kind of a shame that progress is calling for it to be torn down (kind of paraphrasing Plant there).

Reaction from the crowd was quick, loud and forceful. Let's be clear, the people who actually attend concerts are NOT happy the Auditorium is being torn down. I'm well aware that nothing can be done about it now, but it's going to be a black mark and a controversial topic for some time to come.

I personally think that we could have got another 3-5 years out of the venue. It's WAY dated, but I'd like to shake the hand of every single one of the maintenance crew that has kept it together. You would just expect more busted seats or non-working bathroom stuff from a place being torn down, but everything appeared to be in working order.  Certain accommodations have/had to be made for will call and alcohol, but no one was complaining about that.

I am just SO skeptical about existing and under construction facilities abilities to take the place of the Auditorium. I just don't see acts like Robert Plant, Ghost or even Dwight Yoakam being welcome or even being able to make playing in the other places make financial sense.

So farewell to the Auditorium and thanks to all of the wonderful acts that have entertained us there.

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