I don’t know about you, but I’ll totally wear this badge of honor.

I came across a study by upgradedpoints.com in which they set out on a mission to determine which states had the highest and lowest tolerance for alcohol.

Seeing as we Americans love catching a good buzz, I was curious to find out how we Texans measured up to the rest of the country – and I was not disappointed.

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The study found that those of us here in the Lone Star State can handle our alcohol better than anybody else. On average, it takes Texans 5.17 beers before feeling “tipsy.” That’s a whopping 48.2% higher than the national average.


I guess that’s why most of us here don’t waste our time with anything less than a 16 oz. tall boy. Hell, in the case of most Miller products, they’re the same price or even cheaper than 12 oz. cans, so why not?

Overall, folks in southern states have a pretty high tolerance. Virginia, South Carolina, West Virginia and Florida were all among the 10 states with the highest tolerance. New York, Arizona, Alaska, Maryland and Wisconsin round out the Top 10.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering which state has the biggest bunch of lightweights. That would be Oregon. It only takes 1.9 beers for the average person from Oregon to feel “tipsy.” Seriously?

Colorado needs to step it up as well. The average Coloradan gets a buzz after a mere 2.11 beers. Hey, at least they’re economic drunks, right?


Check out all of the findings of the study as well as the methodology used at this location.

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