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There's always a discussion in Lubbock about whether or not it's a boring place to live. Some people hold strong with their opinion that there's nothing to do, while others have found the fun things to do around the Hub City that make it a great place to live.

The only issue is when people think they've discovered what makes Lubbock fun, but the only thing they're doing is going out to bars and getting drunk.

There are way too many people out there who use the argument of Lubbock having a great nightlife as the only reason it's not boring to live here. While it's true that Lubbock has some great bars and it's a lot of fun to check them out every now and then, getting sloshed isn't the only fun thing to do here.

Saying that the only thing that makes the city less boring is to go out drinking makes it seem like Lubbock’s just a city of alcoholics. While we do have a bunch of college kids who would rather get wasted than study for their midterms, most of the city isn’t like that.

There are so many great events happening around Lubbock every week, there are businesses that are full of entertainment that’s fun for any age, and there are so many great people here to enjoy those things with. So why not highlight those parts of the city more often?

I don't mean to shame anyone who likes going out to bars every weekend, but I don’t like the idea of Lubbock just being known as a drinking/party town. We have so much more to offer here in the Hub City, and we don't want outsiders thinking we're just a bunch of drunks throwing tortillas and sitting in the middle of nowhere.

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