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I want to thank my friends over at Ralph's Records (82nd & Indiana) for being a fantastic ticket outlet. By following them on Facebook and Insta I knew they were down to 65 tickets over the weekend, and I warned y'all it would likely be doneski by the end of Monday. I was right. Tickets are sold out (again), and there's no bigger venue for Corey to move to at this point.

If you weren't able to get tickets, now's not the time to start despairing. FMX loves you, and we're giving you the chance to win a four-pack of tickets, which just went from being worth about $150 to being totally priceless.

For your shot at the tickets, be sure to enter at the FMX VIP section. Your odds are just as good as anyone else's, so it's certainly worth trying. We'll also have more chances to win with the FMX app, so download that here and make sure to turn on the push notifications for 'Contests.'

Concerts will continue to come back to Lubbock (thank god!), and please take this advice to heart: if you want to see something, please buy your tickets as early as humanly possible for you. Not only does that secure your spot in the fun, but it also helps promoters gauge what types of shows they can bring and which venues to book them in.

In other words, the earlier you buy your tickets, the more concerts we get. Because Lubbock has traditionally been a walk-up market, we've lost shows because of low ticket sales. Who wants to take such a huge gamble and lose? Let's show our favorite artists we want them here by buying tickets early.

Metallica at United Supermarkets Arena, Lubbock ,Texas (March 2nd, 2019)

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