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There's absolutely no denying that Lubbock's annual Corn Maize at At'l Do Farms (6323 FM 1294) is one of our hometown's most charming and idyllic traditions. The grounds are beautifully kept, and are especially pleasant in the evening and early nighttime.

Looking out over their little pond reflecting its soft lights, the chill breeze is just cold enough to make you aware of your skin. It makes you feel very in-that-moment, which is a nice break from being preoccupied with the future or the past.

The fresh corn is a delicious, buttery mess that's ever so slightly awkward to eat, and I'm your jerk friend that takes your picture mid-bite. We all spill more salt than can land on our corn, and we all get a little in between our teeth and on our chin.

The corn cannon ranks very high on my list of required corn-related fun. It's a remarkably satisfying pneumatic gun that's designed exclusively to launch desiccated corn cobs with the goal of hitting the target port-a-potties. Hitting one of the three targets earns you a prize.

Of course, the petting zoo is incredible. I fall in love with each and every goat, sheep, llama, and camel available, although the goats are my particular favorite. They're small, jumpy, with strange eyes, and by some accident of human psychology, that makes them the most adorable.

I always get excited for the Corn Maize every year because its an incredibly fall thing to do. This year especially, I'm craving this ritual that's so deeply pleasant and wholesome. Looking forward to it is my hopeful thing this year, a year of collective disappointment, if not despair, for everyone.

Whether it's the Corn Maize or Christmas or a haunted house or cheap, good candy on November 1st, I hope that you have a hopeful thing, too. And I hope that when this all passes, you find your next hopeful thing right away.

At'l Do Farms Corn Maize is open September 12th to November 7th, 2020.

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