Experts say that one of the reasons Americans aren't taking the coronavirus seriously enough is because humans don't really comprehend large numbers.

This isn't making fun of our math skills; you just don't see things every day to help you process these things.

I have a comparison for you that may give you a better idea of the scope of these things.  If you can, please listen to the audio version of this, if not, the text continues below.

Lubbock's population is 255,000.

Lubbock County's population is 310,000

As of this morning, the coronavirus death toll in the United States is 306,000

That's it. Imagine every single person in Lubbock County dead. Every. Single person. Dead. If not today, then before the weekend is over.

Even if you think the coronavirus numbers are inflated, cut the number in half and imagine every single person inside The Loop dead.

I am not doing this to frighten you. I am 100 percent in favor of continuing with life, but only in the safest of ways. Do your business and get your shopping done, but do it all safely. Wash your hands. Distance. Wear your mask.

Right now, the death toll in our country is the same as wiping Lubbock off the map. Let's do our part to make sure Lubbock doesn't really get wiped off the map. If you play fast and loose with the C-19 protocols this weekend, you could end up in the hospital or worse for Christmas. I don't want that for you. I want you around and for you to keep rockin' with FMX.

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