It's almost time to Spring Forward.

When you "Spring Forward" you lose an hour of sleep. That's assuming that you would have used that time to sleep. Either way, Sunday, March 13th is just around the corner so you can probably start adjusting your schedule now.

The good thing about springing forward is that it heralds the arrival of Spring just a week later. Then Spring means SPRING BREAK!  With all the stress in the world, those breaks (and hopefully vacations) mean so much more. Hopefully, you too will get a little extra time away from work whether it's to get out of town or just to chillax at home with your pets.

It's kind of important that your recharge your batteries every once in a while so you might want to use one of these opportunities to get away. Admittedly that will be a little harder with gas prices going up, but maybe you can at least "unplug" for a week and turn off all of your social media and just be present and in the moment.

If nothing else, get yourself geared up for the big NCAA tournament which kind of falls smack dab in the middle of this. Who knows, maybe you'll win one of those million-dollar brackets and not have to go back to work.

I compiled how all of this looks, at least to the average Lubbockite and it's a weird sandwich of time off, spinning clocks, and sunny weather. Feast your peppers on how it looks below:

3/12-20-Texas Tech Spring Break

3/13-11/6-Daylight Savings Time

3/13-4/4-NCAA College Basketball Tournament

3/14-18-L.I.S.D. Spring Break



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