A popular Broadway show has made it to Lubbock and ended their opening night with a big standing ovation. The off Broadway show of Dear Evan Hansen has made it's way to the Hub City and I was fortunate enough to be able to go and also take my first look into Buddy Holly Hall. So if you have never been inside Buddy Holly Hall it is enormous and makes you feel like you were transported somewhere fancy all while still in the Hub City.

The show itself was remarkable and without giving too much away it's about a teen, named Evan Hansen, and a little lie that gets out of control. I was thrown off with the language when it first started, I forget people actually cuss in real life, but quickly remembered this musical does focus on teens. This show is for ages 12 and up but might be a bit too mature for some actual teenagers due to the plot, but it does have an important message.

The way the set was done had me intrigued and a little confused but it allowed for a set to exist within the set which was pure genius. Also, the way the set moved around between scenes was done flawlessly that I didn't event notice when things were moved or sets were switched for the next scene through out the entirety of the show.

The live music was so stunning and never missed a beat, the technical side in terms of lights and projectors was very much in sync, and the acting was just so immersive. It was so immersive to the extent that I would be brought out of the experience by the occasional cough and wonder where I was. Luckily, I had my friend Sam with me to explain things and jump me right back into the experience.

The show was powerful in its message and received a standing ovation, which it very much deserved. Tickets for Dear Evan Hansen are still available but are quickly going fast. Tickets can be purchased online and the show is only in Lubbock until April 9, this show runs for two hours and includes a 30 minute intermission.

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