The word "ridiculousness" certainly applies here.

Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay/Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay/Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


The food services at Buddy Holly Hall are transitioning from one company to another. I have to say that at least according to reports, all parties involved have been awesome. One is stepping away gracefully to focus on their core business, while the other is adding some of their own flair, experience, and research into the mix.  All in all, it sounds like a win-win for everyone, even the consumer/concert goer.


The new company taking over has done a little research on the town and even plans to put in a "Chilton Bar" in favor of Lubbock's favorite mixed drink. They're also using their experience to make more concert friendly foods. Where they may not have done their homework is the area of transactions. To be more clear, they announced that they would eventually going cashless and that is causing some Lubbock folks to freak out.


There is nothing about going cashless that's bad, except for peoples attitudes about it. It's way more efficient on ever level. It's cleaner, less hassle, reduces theft by the employees, and prevents the need to have a bunch of cash on hand to serve as a "bank" (It also prevents employees from having to go to the bank).

Conspiracy Nuts

According to the folks reacting online to this, it's all a "plan to control us" and cash is legal tender and if they refuse it you can just "take their stuff". They also are encouraging people to order and when they won't take cash to "walk away and show them what they're missing". It got crazy enough that the link was wiped and is unavailable.

The Reality

First off, inconveniencing an employee who was hired or is volunteering for their organization for an event doesn't teach anybody anything. Secondly, why is it that the people you'd least want to control, always complain about people trying to control them?  Lastly, stay home. I'm not so sure any of us want to sit next to a grumpy, mad person with a pocket full of cash and an ax to grind anyways.

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