A friend of mine who is particularly "in the know" about Buddy Holly Hall sent me an email, to which my full repose back was: WHAT. A thrilled, but disbelieving capital W-H-A-T.

The Flaming Lips, an incredibly influential band, is bringing their magnificent stage show and psychedelic sounds to Lubbock. I suspended my disbelief long enough to race to buddyhollyhall.com and secure my seats. And they are *so nice*.

The Flaming Lips will perform their album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots on Friday, June 21st.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is a sci-fi-themed quasi-concept album that cast The Flaming Lips’ most playful and profound songs to date in a wondrous swirl of ambient electronics, digital beats, and psychedelic splendor.


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The Flaming Lips joins an incredible 2024 season of performances including other rock acts like Godsmack, which just passed, and coming this October, Foreigner. In addition to rock shows, Buddy Holly Hall has a solid line-up of comedians, musicals, country music, Spanish music, orchestral, children's events, and more. Truly something for everyone.

IMPORTANT: remember to always start your ticket-buying journey at bubbyhollyhall.com, which will direct you to their authorized ticket dealer. The first seller that pops up when you google the touring act is almost always a reseller, which is a word pretty much synonymous with ripoff.

I never dreamed I'd be seeing The Flaming Lips in my hometown, but thanks to the folks at Buddy Holly Hall, all kinds of entertainment dreams are coming true for Lubbockites.

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