I love Lubbock and I love America, but sometimes...you all suck.

I can understand that we have a lot of pent-up energy after being told what we can't do over the past year (and change), and over the fact that with all of the attacks on our civil liberties, sometimes we just have to let off a little steam. That being said, some of you need to show a little more respect for Americans as you celebrate America.

Photo by Chandler Bell on Unsplash
Photo by Chandler Bell on Unsplash

Now, please understand that I have absolutely no problem with neighborhood fireworks, even though some Karens do for various reasons. 'Safe and sane,' that's my motto. Also, when the clock strikes 11ish, we need to be done with the pyrotechnics. Most people have to be up and/or work the next morning.

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That didn't stop a lot of people here in the Hub City from deciding that the best time to start their celebration was 1:30 in the FREAKING MORNING. Seriously?




Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Make it stop...

I've lived all over the country, and NEVER heard so many bottle rockets and Piccolo Pete's going off at such an ungodly hour. I actually walked outside to see if I could spot the perpetrators in my block, to no avail. But the bombardment continued, like the shelling of Beirut. What the hell is going on? Shock and Awe?

Checking social media the next day, it's obvious that I wasn't alone in my frustration.

I swear, if I find out who was setting that stuff off at that hour, it's going to get brutal. If it's you, then trust me when I say that I have no problem sending a sidewinder missile into your garage, Sparky.

Show some respect...and God Bless America.

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