I gotta tell you, it sure looked like something was burning down on Sunday night in Northwest Lubbock from my street corner vantagepoint. Don'cha think?

It was the evening of July 3rd. I had just toddled off to bed after a small barrage of light artillery had been sent skyward in my neighborhood when one of my small, incontinent canines decided that it was time for a last-minute visit to the backyard. As he did his dirty little business, I looked to the sky and noticed a cloud to my right. My first thought was that we might be getting ready for a brief thundershower when I noticed a sinister orange glow over the roofline of the houses behind mine.

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I walked to the corner and saw what appeared to be a structure fire beyond the trees in the vicinity of 30th Street and Upland. "Whoa, looks like someone's house is burning down in the name of freedom," I thought to myself.

I gotta tell you, it sure looked like someone's house was a goner. Call me crazy, but that sure looks like a house on fire. Or a shed or or something.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

Early on July 4th, I decided to drive through the neighborhood hoping to catch a glimpse or a photo to share with y'all of the smoldering carnage. However, as I drove slowly up and down each street, looking as if I was preparing for an armed robbery attempt, one thing was lacking: charred remains.

Nada. Nope. Zilch.

All I observed were residents doing yard work or milling about, even a guy taking down my license plate number as I coasted by. But no sign of a smoky pile of rubble. I started to second guess myself and wondered just exactly how much White Claw I had actually consumed that night to have seen a mystery fire.

Obviously it stands to reason that this could have been a grass fire or a shed in someone's backyard that was not visible from the street, and not a place for my prying eyes. However, it was just another example of what could happen if you don't think when trying to reenact the Blitz on London in your backyard.

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