A Texas man, identified only as Gerardo, had been "feeling off" for months.

He suffered from sudden intense pains in the head. Headaches would cause him to sweat and vomit. According to our news partners KWTX, he didn't get it checked out until he fainted last year while playing soccer.

An MRI revealed a tapeworm had been living in his brain. Medical professionals believe the worm came from eating undercooked pork in Mexico over a decade ago.

Gerardo was shocked when he heard the news, but it wasn't something unfamiliar to him. A tapeworm had been found in his sister's brain years earlier.

A complex surgery was performed to remove the tapeworm from Gerardo's brain, and he claims to be back to normal. He's back to work, but there's no report if he's played soccer since.

Some tapeworms have mild or no symptoms at all. So thankfully they found it before it was too late.

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