So it's simple. The guy is going to his car when a man comes up to him and asks him if he has change for a hundred bucks. He says no, and guy punches him. No reason or rhyme. Obviously just another thief or aggressive panhandler out messing with people. I just find it amazing that the city is spending money to put the "Buddy in a Box" there,  merchants are putting neon and stuff, , and no one seems to ever have enough security or law enforcement. Now let me step back a bit and say I really don't care if the District grows or withers and dies. I just can't believe the lack of common sense and safety that is being shown.

As for why I don't care. I still think the tearing down of the Depot Warehouse and South Beach was politically and racially motivated. Imagine if me or you tried to tear down two historic buildings, it wouldn't happen. I think those buildings were tore down to keep a certain "element" from being in the District. The funny thing is, when we were having rock shows in The Depot, and South Beach was having Tejano shows, you didn't here about panhandlers messing with people. So for those of you who are "shaping" the Depot District into something other than what it was, your chickens are coming home to roost. Maybe you'll step up the security when people quit visiting.

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