It looks like 94.5 FMX is totally screwed because not a single one of us heard those tornado sirens at all. Nada.

I was actually driving around at 9:30 a.m. on my lunch break, which is exactly when the sirens were tested, and I didn't hear anything. I got back to the radio station and not a single person here heard them either. Strange.

I spoke with two Lubbock residents who live right next to a tornado siren on Upland and 103rd, and guess what? They didn't hear a sound.

Most people think that the sirens are kind of silly because everyone has a phone these days, but what if a tornado hits in the middle of the night while you are sleeping? You wouldn't have your phone to know what was going on, and if the sirens we have don't honestly reach everyone in town, then what is the point?

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If you're a local browsing through your Facebook feed today, it's likely you came across lots of different posts from other residents who reported not hearing them at all. Did they work? Did they do what they were supposed to do? Are only a few people going to hear them? Were they honestly worth millions of dollars? What the hell is going on?

Please comment on our Facebook page if you were able to hear the sirens loud and clear and approximately what area of town you were in during the test. These are supposed to help us feel safer, but it doesn't seem like they quite do the job.


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